Check who can help

At Qui we believe that pinging individuals is the first step to making great things happen.

With lengthy chat feeds or email lists involving too many people, it is hard to cut through to the point. With Qui you send your topic to the most relevant members in your group and they click to directly set up a discussion with you.

Unlock your organization’s blackbox and find a real person. Find clarity.

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What is Qui?
  • Quick way to check if your group members are available to engage
  • Access directly on the web
How does Qui work?
  • Ping members for quick yes or no response (“I can help”)
  • Sends only to most relevant members
  • Avoid spamming your mailing list
  • No download required and no additional data required
Why Qui?
  • Replaces distribution lists – never use them again!
  • Team up and engage your members without sending a single email
  • AI-powered
  • Admin chooses how many members to ping
  • Simple implementation (just start using)
Who we are

Our team includes a World Economic Forum Young Global Leader and alums of Stanford, Sciences Po Paris, KTH, NYU, Google and Amazon. We are based in Stockholm and Toronto.

To contact us please email